Jenny's Weight Loss Progress

Maree's Weight Loss Progress

19 January 2010

Back to Work Blues

Works takes up so much of the day - it is soooo overrated! I loved my 2 and a half weeks holiday but it all went too quickly. I am not enjoying being back at work! The only good thing is that I am still slowly but surely losing weight and feeling good about myself. I too had a fill last Friday and I now feel quite restricted.... not so hungry and I now need to be very careful to eat slowly and chew everything really well. I've had a few painful episodes in the last few days where I have eaten the first mouthfuls too quickly and then had indigestion/stuck pain for 10-15 minutes while that goes through and before I can eat a bit more and feel satisfied. Obviously I have still been eating too quickly up until now so this is a good time for me to learn some restraint and new habits.

I'm still training hard for my cycle ride on the 30th. My training partner and I did a 38km ride on the main highway on Saturday... exhilarating and scary in equal measures! We think we are ready for the big ride now having conquered the big hill which we will have to ride up near the end of the event as well. Maybe I will feel brave enough to post a photo of myself after the ride.

Speaking of big events - we have a very exciting and busy weekend coming up with a double celebration of my son's 21st birthday and our parents 50th wedding anniversary this Saturday. Lots of family and friends will descend on our home for the 2 parties. And I am now at my lowest weight for 20 years - fantastic!!


  1. Hi Jenny & Maree!!

    I just found your blog through Amy's & thought that I would check out your blog!

    It looks like I am your 7th Follower. And, we are almost Band Buddies, being Banded in November 09. I was Banded on Nov 19th, 09!!


  2. Hi girls,
    I have just realised that you were following my blog, so I thought I would swing by and say hi to you :) Ok.. question.. One photo - two girls - but I don't know who is who? I read from the beginning, but am still clueless, lol.
    Anyway, you guys are going great. Must be very cool to be doing this together. Congrats on getting your band last November.
    Look forward to your next post.

  3. Thanks for leaving our first comments! Good point about which one is which! We'll post some new photos and some information about us. Jenny is on the right in the photo (which isn't the greatest!).