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Maree's Weight Loss Progress

31 January 2010


We went out to dinner tonight - and I had my first real stuck episode - ouch! I was eating edamame (soy beans) and a gyoza (dumpling). I thought I was taking small bites and eating slowly but clearly not small enough or slow enough. I had pain in the centre of my chest and back - went for a walk and had my first "sliming" moment (that word makes me think of snails!) - but then felt a LOT better and was able to SLOWLY eat some small bites of chicken. So apparently this last fill is giving me some restriction! Must. Eat. Slowly. And. Take. Small. Bites.

In good news I've lost 1.2kgs since Friday - hooray! That's 13.1 kg down now since I started Optifast on 2 November.


  1. OUCH!! I so get where you are coming from... being stuck hurts!! But what is it with us?.... (I did the same thing!!) We get rid of the offending item and go for 2nds lol. Our stomachs will not be denied!

    Congrats on that huge drop. I'm jealous.. stalled again.. sigh. I have a fill today, hope it works for me too like it did you. Nice work :)

  2. It has been good to have a decent loss after being stalled for a month or so - good luck for the new fill.