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15 January 2010

Second fill - and not before time!

After nearly 3 weeks of getting hungrier and hungrier I had my second fill this morning. A very different experience from number 1. First of all I had lost almost nothing in the 4 weeks since my first fill, but given the alcohol and chips over Christmas and the fact I've been HUNGRY, that isn't surprising. Secondly this one didn't hurt - yay!! So the fill was at 9.45 this morning. Since then I've had a coffee (flat white) and half a drinking yoghurt - am feeling a little peckish now at nearly 4 o'clock - so the fill is definitely working at the moment. Next fill is in 2 weeks. Now I have to remember to eat slowly and reduce portions - I've been used to eating whatever I want the last couple of weeks - like a whole bagel!! Really? I don't think bagels are meant to be band friendly....

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