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29 January 2010

Fill number 3

Another fill this morning - 1 ml for a total of 6 mls. I haven't been hungry today - some "head hunger" - my brain is wondering why I've only had a drinking yoghurt and cottage cheese to eat. I ate some fish tonight and a few fries (very slowly) with the family (Friday night takeaways) - felt a bit of a stuck/indigestion feeling but that passed when I sat up straighter. Will be interesting to see how this fill changes things for me. I am eating takeaways occasionally - I don't want to see this post lap band life as a "diet" which I'm on until goal and then I can start eating "normally" again. Apart from the odd chocolate or potato chip indulgence I was a pretty healthy eater, but volume was my issue. My plan is to eat "normal" kinds of foods (within the bounds of the band re bread etc) but in smaller volumes. Am I dreaming? Or will this work? Watch this space...


  1. Let me know how you go because that's what I'm hoping for too :-)

  2. Thought I had posted a comment but it seems to have disappeared. If this is a repeat just delete one of them or have a comment for each of you! Maybe you have your review comment on. You are in New Zealand!!!-I was there last February and loved it. Wanted to move there (from Canada). Just read you blog and love it. Funny, I am an RN, working with the government in software development-sort or a combo of the two of you. I think it is great to have support of someone so close but also support in the world-wide community of bloggers. I'll keep following you as I am now in the dreaded Protein shake pre-op phase.

  3. Oh no, it happens - that whole eating less volume - it's just getting to the right spot with the band before it really happens!! Sounds like the fill is kicking in. Whooo!!

  4. Hope it works for you as that will be my aim too. I don't want to see the band as a "diet for life", rather as a means of controlling the portion sizes but still allowing me to eat (pretty much) the same food as everyone else, and that includes take aways and meals out.