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18 January 2010

Crazy spin class

I managed to drag my butt back to the gym today (first time in nearly 3 weeks - eeek!) and went to a spin (RPM) class. The guy who took it was CRAZY - spent part of the class running up and down the stairs "encouraging" by singing the lyrics "What do we want? Perfection". Really?! What I want is for the crazy man not to be singing so close to me. He was of course crazy fit as well and nearly killed me - but I managed to pace myself and did feel good afterwards. He did say he doesn't usually take a lunchtime class - well, hallelujah for that!

In other post fill news I'm definitely not feeling as hungry but not really restricted - ate a mini bagel on Saturday. So far today have had 2 weetbix, small tin of tuna and 3 cruskits and a small yoghurt. Going out to dinner tonight with the "girls" from my antenatal class (our babies are 6 but we still like to get together).

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